Gorilla Amplifiers was born out of an intense love for exceptional acoustic design. Our Founder’s obsession began with a six-year quest to design and manufacture the perfect large-scale speakers. Next came the need to create an amplifier that was just as uncompromising. 

To create one that had the required power and quality to match. A better option than those with contrived features and fixtures. Instead it would have such design simplicity it brings the focus back to pure audio excellence.

Importantly, there was no need for the double digit price tags that come with networks of audio distributors and middle men. This would be an amplifier that is made to focus on the components that count. And then have it go direct from us to you. 

Nothing is being compromised to deliver the quality expected by an audiophile for his fellow audiophiles, for the right price.

We look forward to sharing it with you.


Product & Specifications