Why Gorilla Amplifiers?


Ncore® Technology

 Powered by Bruno Putzey's revolutionary Hypex Ncore D-Class Technology, Gorilla offers ultra linear, low distortion amplification that rivals even the best Class A designs.  The result is the ultimate in clarity, resolution and musicality, satisfying even the most demanding Audiophiles.  Enormously powerful, with flawless tonal accuracy, Gorilla prides itself in providing our customers with the ultimate listening experience.

Purist Design

Uncompromising in quality and style, Gorilla focus purely on audiophile quality and power reserves in abundance; so what you get is what you need.  Gorilla utilizes only the best componentry in our amplifiers; Hypex, Furutech and WBT make up our most valued supply partners, all integrated with a stunningly simple aesthetic finish.

Bespoke Made

Gorilla Amplifiers are individually manufactured to the highest standard. Machined from solid aluminum billet blocks, our enclosures include minutely considered elements that show an attention to detail not seen in commercially made mass produced products. 


Accessibly Yours 

Sold without distributors or retailers, so you pay for better sound not better salesmen. Meticulously manufactured, packaged and delivered direct to your doorstep.